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OpenERP implementation by LevelFive

OpenERP is an affordable and multi-functional solution that is adaptable to every situations of various types of businesses.LevelFive team will carry out a full cycle of business and solutions implementation and followed by subsequent support. It has the following modules but not limited to
  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Purchase and Sales Management

  • Manufacturing and Warehouse Management

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Project Management

  • HR and Payroll

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  • Before the new system was in place, updating content on our website and creating quotes took days. Not to mention the lack of automated reminder of regular jobs which meant quite a lot of jobs were missed resulting in loss of revenue.

    LevelFive has helped shape our business strategy and process. we feel comfortable discussing vision, mission, strategy and tactics at the business level and business operational level

    The testimonial can be downloaded from the link
    Mark Senior
    CEO, Ionic Systems Pty Ltd
  • My first franchisee was launched in early October 2011 and I was extremely pleased with the system that was delivered by Level Five. On day 1, the system received orders, credit card payments, communicated with mobile applications, send data securely across to 3rd party vendors etc. without any major hiccups.

    Based on the success of Tiffins Australia’s project, without a doubt, I recommended Level Five’s firm to few of my very close business associates knowing that Team will deliver on his promise. I believe my business associates have already engaged Level Five and are very satisfied with LevelFive’s approach.

    The complete testimonial can be downloaded from this link
    Mikhil Kotak
    Managing Director, Tiffinwala Pty Ltd
Ionic Systems
People Movement
Tiffins Melbourne