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F&B and Retail Software Solutions Provider | Optimizing Business Solution

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Innovate your F&B and Retail business by using a unified platform to manage your daily operations, from customer ordering to inventory management. DinePlan and RetailPlan provide central management of your restaurant and retail store, as well as detailed monitoring and management of sales, production, and service points. This is made possible because of the flexibility in the configuration of our system and ease of use for operations!
Over the years, we have helped many successful businesses in many countries by delivering a fine-tuned, easy-to-use, and scalable system. With continuous development, we have since evolved to be more, and do more.
Besides fulfilling various concepts of Quick Service and Full Dining F&B establishments, DinePlan’s comprehensive suite of solutions also covers online ordering, catering services, and central kitchen management.
Similarly, RetailPlan’s suite of solutions is able to cover more than just retail storefront operations. We are providing solutions for wholesale, warehousing, factory, trading, and online businesses as well.






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F&B and Retail Software Solutions Provider | Optimizing Business Solution

Our LF Suite

Comprises of Our DinePlan and RetailPlan Main Solutions

Feels Light

Our software solutions are extremely light and responsive, whether it runs on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a basic Android phone. The 4-step interface allows you to handle orders at lightning speed.

A Complete Solution

Our LF Suite fulfills the entire gamut of restaurant and retail management needs. You don’t need to spend money on another tool, system, add-on to manage your daily operations.

So Reliable

Our LF Suite is designed to handle the sudden rush of guests and high transaction volume – owing to local events, holidays, peak hours, promotions, media mentions, etc. – with effortless ease.

Feels Like You Built It

With the most advanced customization features, our LF Suite will be able to function and operate accordingly with the direction and structure your business has set up for your restaurant and/or retail operations. No need to learn anything new. Plus, it can speak your language, too!

Instant Love

Your employees will be able to learn the solutions’ UI (User Interface) and systems instantly because it’s developed ground up to be utmost user-friendly and intuitive. It may become love at first sight, like it has been for many of our other customers over the years.

We’re Committed

Our LF Suite is our main product offerings and we’re specialized in and committed to making it one of the most ideal restaurant and/or retail management software solution systems in the market based on our sector knowledge and expertise over the years. Our main offerings- DinePlan and RetailPlan get our full attention at all times.

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