Save up to 80% of our Cloud-Based POS costs with the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG).

And Receive a bonus of up to $10,000 under the DRB (Digital Resilience Bonus) scheme. 

Creating Delightful Customer Experiences
Innovate your Restaurant by using a single and unified platform for managing your operations from ordering to customers and inventory. You get everything in easy reach.

DinePlan encompasses the complete operation of a restaurant through monitoring and management of sale, production and service points. It is designed for various types of establishments: coffee bars, restaurants, fast food restaurants, hotels and all similar catering services.






Global Cities



Stay one step ahead of your competitors.


Customers that use the DinePlan software own a variety of restaurants, including fast food outlets, chain restaurants, cafeterias, sweet shops, fine dining places, and delivery-only operations. DinePlan has a strong hold in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, and Indonesia.

Comprehensive Backend and Frontend Cloud-Based System
Mobile Ordering Solutions (Suitable for Android and iOS)
Such as QR Code and Online-Based Ordering
Full Material and Stock Inventory Management
Touch Screen POS and Terminals
Multilingual Support
Customizable Functions
Stay one step ahead of your competitors.

RetailPlan POS is fast, intuitive and powerful Point Of Service application with an easy to use Keyboard or Touch screen operated user interface. RetailPlan POS makes transactions processing error-free and easy to manage.

RetailPlan POS interface can be quickly configured to display exactly the information needed by POS operators. Security levels can be set for POS operations thereby requiring manager override for exceptional transactions.

Suitable for Multi-Shift Operations
Fast Payment (10,20,50..)
Hold and Recall Payments
Simple Exchange and Refund Process
Cashier Settlement
Sales Commission
Multilingual Support
Customizable Functions

Feels Light

The software is extremely light and responsive, whether it runs on a desktop, laptop, tablet or a basic Android phone. The 4-step interface allows you to handle orders at lightning speed.

A Complete Solution

The DinePlan Suite fulfills the entire gamut of restaurant management needs. You don’t need to spend money on another tool, system, add-on to manage your operation.

So Reliable

The DinePlan is designed to handle sudden rush of guests and high transaction volume – owing to local events, holidays, peak hours, promotions, media mentions, etc. – with effortless ease.

Feels Like You Built It

With the most advanced customization features, the DinePlan Suite will work precisely the way you’ve set up your restaurant. No need to learn anything new. Plus, it can speak your language, too!

Instant Love

Your employees will learn the product instantly, because it’s developed ground up to be utmost user-friendly. It may become love at first sight, like it has been for many of our other customers.

We’re Committed

The DinePlan Suite is our only product and we’re committed to make it the best restaurant management solution in the market. This product gets our full attention at all times.