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10 Reasons You Need All-Purpose Retail Management Solution

COVID-19 has completely changed the way consumers are now shopping at retail stores. In today’s world, it is not only about product quality; it is about everything. Customers nowadays want not only variety and quality in products but also a contactless shopping experience. How, as a retailer, can you deal with these ever-changing and dynamic needs of the customers? Switch to a robust retail management solution today!

As a retailer, you need to provide an experience that can resonate with compelling customer demands. Going digital with a cloud-based retail solution can transform the way you currently run your outlet.

Try to look for All-In-One Solution for your Retail Outlet

A robust retail management solution meets today’s business demands. It allows you to make data-driven and smart business decisions for your retail business. In this article, we will help you understand the need for a complete retail system for your retail outlet.

Retail Management Solution
retail management solutions
Retail Management Solution

1. Contactless Billing

You see, billing is a basic necessity of all retail outlets worldwide. But today, customers demand it to be fast and contactless. A robust retail management solution enables you with easy and fast billing options. You can offer your customers the option to pay via multiple payment modes like cards, wallets, QR Codes, etc.

2. eCommerce

Due to the pandemic, people have now started shopping more online than ever before. Due to this, many retailers have lost their customers because they do not offer online ordering options to their customers. RetailHub offers a fully functional website that displays all your products and retains your customers. With RetailHub, you can offer your customers the option to place orders on your website if they cannot make it to your store.

3. Online Marketplaces

Online Aggregators like AmazonShopee, and Lazada are great opportunities to increase sales and offer more convenience to your customers. But how about managing all this from one single dashboard?

Yes, it is possible with RetailHub! One robust all-purpose solution that integrates all the above online aggregators can bring everything into one interface. You can receive marketplace orders in your RetailHub solution and track the shipping process directly from there.

4. Content Management System

A smart retail management software also offers you a Content Management System through which you can access the content of your website, product names, pictures, descriptions, SKUs, etc. Unlike separately managing a website, it can all be handled from one single dashboard.

5. Barcode & Printing

While you might have experienced generating barcodes only from your POS system, with RetailHub, you can generate barcodes from your entire inventory both offline and online with a few simple steps.


6. Track Shipping

You can easily integrate your delivery partner and process invoicing and shipping of your website orders from the RetailHub dashboard itself. From one single dashboard, you can track the shipment status of all your orders on marketplaces.

7. Refunds & Returns

Whether it is online or offline, managing refunds and returns has been a pain for many retailers. With the help of a cloud-based retail management solution, retailers can manage the refunds and returns of the entire sales they make from all sources combined. So, instead of managing multiple places and then manually doing these redundant tasks, retailers can easily and accurately track their returns.

Not only does this solution make the overall task simpler, but it significantly reduces the errors made in manually managing all these. In addition, it will also help you efficiently manage the inventory and maximize your net sales.

8. Inventory Management

Mostly all retailers brood about this tedious task of managing inventory separately on all platforms, like POS Software, websites, and marketplaces. RetailHub makes it easy for you to accurately and efficiently manage your stock and significantly reduce the cost of labour and errors associated with such manual tasks.

9. Customer Relationship Management

One of the most crucial aspects of running a successful retail business is retaining your existing customers. With increasing competition in the retail industry and daily emerging startups, it is highly important to retain your existing customers. Therefore, with a smart retail management system, you can collect the databases of all your customers from stores, websites, and marketplaces and send them to discount coupons, vouchers, and updates about your upcoming collection.

10. Intelligent Business Reports

When all is said and done, you need to see the growth of your business. For this, you don’t need a staff to sit all day and calculate the sales and returns on a daily basis. All this can be done automatically and in real-time from smart cloud retail management software. From sales summary, inventory, and returns, to the growth of each platform everything is in one single interface.

Therefore, go ahead and try this all-purpose retail management system for your retail business.

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