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Cloud Based POS Software

Cloud-based POS software can revolutionize the operations of both Retail and F&B businesses. With easy access from anywhere to the top-most data security, there are endless benefits for businesses if they choose to work with a smarter technology- the cloud-based POS system.

Unlike before, Cloud-based software is no more vulnerable to security risks. Modern software is robust, reliable, and highly secure. It can capacitate huge amounts of data and provide easy access to information, virtually from anywhere. This makes business operations easier and the endless features enhance the operational efficiency of businesses, bringing them closer to their profit benchmarks.

The benefits of using a cloud-based POS system are numerous.

POS software cloud-based has a wide range of benefits to offer. Easy access to data from anywhere, scalability, and lower upfront costs are some of the top benefits, when explained in detail, the benefits of using a cloud-based POS software include:

Cloud Based POS Software

Boost in Profitability

A cloud-based POS system offers data insight that proves helpful in boosting profit and sales. You can easily record every sale transaction, making a clean record for future reviews. Moreover, the liberty to analyze the data as per your requirements helps decide on promotional campaigns, marketing ideas, and the right placement strategy for the services.


While POS software cloud-based has been a complicated subject for many business owners, it is one of the most cost-effective options as well. It is an investment that demands minimum costs while offering great profitability and a 100% success rate for all retail and F & B businesses.

Frequent Reporting

Working with a reliable cloud-based POS system provider means you will have the best services. The servers will be maintained well, to offer data security and flawlessness. Moreover, the user gets frequent updates about business progress which is a default function but can also be set up on your own. The POS software is maintained and updated as and when required.

Minimized Labor Costs

A high-end cloud-based POS system can help eliminate several errors including mistakes in inventory records, and sales records management. The arrangement saves a lot of resources for the business including time and costs. The human efforts are minimized the more which means there is a lesser and lesser chance of errors in the record.

Inventory Assessment

A high-end cloud-based POS system can help eliminate several errors including mistakes in inventory records, and sales records management. The arrangement saves a lot of resources for the business including time and costs. The human efforts are minimized the more which means there is a lesser and lesser chance of errors in the record.

What features should I look for in a Cloud based POS Software?

A professional cloud-based POS system can completely revolutionize the back-end operations of a Retail or F&B establishment. A feature-rich cloud-based POS system is one of the most beneficial investments a business can ever make, the top features that your POS software cloud-based must have include:

Web Browser-based POS System

A professional POS system must be web browser based to enhance operational efficiency. You must be able to access the software on any web browser and any device which makes it highly convenient and user-friendly.

Comprehensive Cash Counter Management

Comprehensive cash counter management is one of the core features of Cloud-based POS software. The POS must be able to handle all sorts of transactions and modes of payment to offer you the best results.

Complete Back-end Support

A POS system needs to have a robust backend support system. The more you get from a POS for backend support, the better your operational levels grow.

Membership, Discounts, and Promotions

F&B and Retail businesses run all sorts of discounts, membership programs, and other promotional offers now and then. The software you invest in must-have features to handle your promotional and marketing strategies.


Last but not the least, the software must be secure, As you will be saving all your crucial business data on the server, make sure you have high-security measures associated with the software.

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How do I Choose the Right POS System for my Business?

There are several aspects of buying the right POS system for business. You must first keep your type of business, budget, and feature requirements in mind. Scalability and easy integration also make crucial aspects of cloud-based POS selection.

Data security also makes a crucial aspect hence it is recommended to buy POS cloud-based software only from the industry’s best providers.

Cloud POS System by LevelFive Solutions

LevelFive Solutions is one of the leading POS Software cloud-based providers in the region. We offer complete cloud POS system and back-end support system solutions to retail and F&B businesses. Our Cloud POS system options include:

Retail Cloud POS System

RetailWeb is our Web-Browser Based Retail POS Application that is extremely easy to integrate, user-friendly, and a one-stop solution for business operations. RetailWeb is fully supported on all browsers and is extremely easy to use and user-friendly. It is a comprehensive POS Solution that is lightweight and compact with an intuitive UI. The core features include Cash and Other Transaction Management, Members and Discounts, Payments and Integrations, and much more.

Mobile POS for Retail

RetailTouch is a Retail Mobile POS System by LevelFive that is the best choice for smart businesses. The  POS software can be accessed on a tablet or Smartphone and offers easy access to a wide range of features including POS billing, QR code payments, promotions, item and invoice discounts, and more.

pos software cloud based

Cloud Backend System for F&B Business

A robust F&B Cloud backend solution, DineConnect by LevelFive offers you support for comprehensive business functionalities. Access your business from anywhere in the world and through any device. You can enjoy Back-end & Front-end Cloud-Hybrid Systems, Multilingual Support, Data Security, Inventory Management, Insightful Reports & Analytics, Customer Engagement, Menu and Tax Management, and much more.

Mobile POS for F&B

DineTouch is LevelFive’s exemplary mobile POS for F&B. It caters to the needs of food trucks, juice and ice cream shops, fast foods, bakeries, chats, canteens, QSRs, and many others. It offers quick and cost-effective solutions to businesses. Key features include Intuitive UI & Easy Order Taking, Payments & Discounts, Reporting & Analytics, Cloud Native, and more.

Contact LevelFive Solutions to get a secure and seamless Cloud POS System and expand your business bottom line.

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