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Contactless Ordering for Restaurants

Contactless ordering brings your establishment into the technological world. This enables the guests to check the list, pick a good menu, and pay, all using a mobile or smart display, greatly saving time required by staff and waiters’ reproval.

With the COVID-19 epidemic, a contactless ordering system has become a must-have for most eateries since it reduces physical interaction as well as the contact of common objects. Contactless ordering represents the most significant selection on the table if you desire to provide your visitors with a unique and interactive dining experience.

With contactless ordering solutions, you can create a seamless and safe ordering experience for your guests. This solution will enable customers to place their orders without any physical contact at the counter, allowing them to order quickly and securely at their table or even from the comfort of their own homes. Our solutions are designed for use in all types of F&B businesses (Fine dining, Quick-Service Restaurants, Cloud Kitchens, or any other concept).

Our cutting-edge technology removes the need for long queues in restaurants and keeps customers coming back time after time.

Contactless Ordering for Restaurants

It also makes it easier to manage guests who order from different kitchen stations simultaneously. Make it easy to manage all orders in one system, eliminating manual errors.

What is a Contactless Ordering System?

A contactless ordering system is a bit of technology or software that enables consumers to place orders and make payment for the item they have ordered without having to stand in line at the counter or use cash. Customers can acquire their beverages and meals without engaging with personnel because the ordering process is entirely digital. This eliminates wastage and streamlines the process.

You will not have to purchase costly cash registers or struggle with the inconvenience of collecting coins or cash because the entire payment process is card-based. 

How Contactless Ordering Work

To run a contactless restaurant ordering system, all you must have is a technology that allows consumers to order products from your list and pay using the card. Guests may slide their cards by an iPad installed on the tabletop to pick up their purchases and confirm the payment data.

You can also utilize a portable device that functions similarly to a card processor but has the added benefit of enabling contactless payments. Customers can place orders by tapping their cards against the device.

– Whenever customers go for a meal at several restaurants, especially the more costly ones, contactless ordering is available. This means customers need not to wave or contact out to congested waiters, and they need not to pay in cash. A simple QR code scan would be sufficient.

– Using a scanner on the phone, a customer can scan the restaurant’s QR code. The code will take customers to the menu of the restaurant and there they can choose the item they desire to order.

– Next, they will be taken to the payment gateway. From there payment can be done online.

Types of Contactless Ordering System

QR Code Ordering- QR code ordering is a cutting-edge online order management solution that uses QR codes to direct customers to a restaurant’s website to place an order. Customers have to scan the QR on your restaurant menu to visit the website and place digital orders.

When you integrate the QR code ordering solution with your restaurant’s POS system, you would then begin receiving all order information that arrives via QR code ordering immediately into your Point of sale system, that will then reach the order information to the restaurant staff. When you have not merged the QR code ordering system with your POS, all orders will be sent to an order processing device, such as a tablet, that your kitchen staff has access to.

Self Ordering- A self-ordering kiosk is a version of POS gateway that allows clients to make orders and pay bills without requiring human interaction. These kiosks can be found in a variety of settings, such as retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and airports.

Customers can place their orders and pay for them using a touch screen without having to wait in line or interact with a human cashier. Depending on the customer’s preferences, all such kiosks may also offer customized order options or suggestions. The majority of self-service kiosks have a user-friendly touch screen that guides users through the multiple tasks that can be done.

Benefits of Contactless Ordering in Restaurants

  • Smooth Processes- A smooth, error-free restaurant interaction that doesn’t ignore any of the interpersonal interaction typically linked with dining service is provided by contactless ordering for your restaurant.
  • Serving from a secure distance- The customer-requested technique of contactless ordering is now required by COVID’s unexpected change of how restaurant staffs function in the food service sector. In addition to enhancing customer service, contactless ordering enhances the safety of all facility individuals by enabling them to keep a safe distance from one another and preventing the disease of germs by using a contactless menu.
  • Increased Customer Retention and Payments- Numerous opportunities exist to both improve customer loyalty and transaction efficiency using contactless technology and mobile device use in the service industry. Contactless ordering is being implemented along with the additional adoption of cutting-edge tools that improve customer service relationships.
  • Enhanced Promotion- Restaurants all over the country are embracing digital ordering as a way to forward brand shakeups, with specialized food pick-ups for digital orders and digital-only restaurants, inspired by its practicality and convenience. Certainly, the use of technology in the hospitality sector enhances the guest experience. However, it also collects crucial information and analytics that help to better understand customer preferences.


  • Reduced employees costs- In addition, contactless dining can assist restaurants in cutting back on overall labour costs. Restaurants save money by employing fewer waiters to take orders and deliver food by giving customers the option to order directly from the menu or via an online system. This may lead to lower overall payroll expenses and higher profitability.

Boost your sales with LevelFive Contactless Ordering

LevelFive’s Contactless Ordering systems are among the best solutions for your business. DineGo and eDine are the two contactless ordering solutions from LevelFive. 

  • DineGo- Customers can place orders, pay for them, and pick up their food at the counters instantly at DineGo by using a self-service kiosk. Customers can purchase without waiting or being inconvenienced, which is convenient. Restaurants that offer self-ordering options are becoming more popular.
  • eDine– Receive your restaurant business online and initiate selling with a specialized online ordering system that streamlines your business operations and lets customers order or even schedule pre-orders of their best – loved dishes online.
contactless ordering in restaurants

Get a new-age Contactless Ordering Solutions from LevelFive

Your customers can place simple orders with contactless ordering because it is available at their fingertips. Vibrant images and videos on digital menus immerse your customers in a cutting-edge ordering process. Additionally, the advantages apply to your staff as well as your customers.

At LevelFive Solutions, we appreciate the value of a contactless platform that promotes interaction between customers and servers. You can open tabs, browse menus, split bills, and add tips with just a quick scan of a QR code.

For payments, visitors can use LevelFive’s mobile POS system to pay contactlessly or input credit card data into an encrypted system. For your better understanding, we are here to make you understand every aspect by scheduling a demo. 

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