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Why Digital Ordering is Important in the F&B Industry

The process of placing food orders as a whole is evolving quickly. As a restaurant and F&B business owner, you need to have an online presence since it lets people know about your establishment who might not otherwise know about it.

A complete sales channel is provided for the business via a digital food ordering system. This implies that the restaurant can make better use of it to increase revenue and streamline operations. Additionally, it enables restaurants to reduce their spending on labour and the area required to serve these clients. When used effectively, technology can improve a restaurant’s performance by luring guests in closer.

An online method for ordering food from restaurants can effectively replace third-party food marketplaces. Customers can place orders for meals from a variety of restaurants and food enterprises in one central location known as a food marketplace. When users visit the site, they browse the restaurants and cuisines that are available.

What is Digital Ordering?

Digital Ordering System

Using a digital ordering system via a mobile device is a modern and participatory approach to ordering food. It includes a user-friendly interactive interface that makes ordering for guests simple and quick, allowing restaurants and hotels to grow their clientele and services.

Digital ordering benefits all parties. For today’s consumers who would rather tap or click to order than speak on the phone, it is simple. Since customers frequently use digital customization choices to increase ticket prices, it helps eateries make better sales.

Why does your F&B business require a Digital Ordering System?

A complete sales channel for the restaurant is provided through a digital ordering and delivery system. This implies that the restaurant can use it as a tool to maximize earnings and improve organization. It also helps restaurant owners cut down on staff costs and the amount of space needed to accommodate such customers.

The system aids in managing consumer orders and advertising promotions. Employees can search client delivery and profile information; management can manage fast food raw materials; and kitchen staff can examine order information.

Benefits of Digital Ordering in Food and Beverage Businesses

Some Benefits of Using Digital Ordering System in Food and Beverage Businesses are as follows:

  1. Effective Management of Customers and Orders

By providing a user-friendly admin panel, the finest digital food ordering system improves ties between customers and restaurants. From a single dashboard, you can manage new, active, and cancelled orders. Furthermore, the meal ordering system will notify you as soon as a new order arrives so that you can begin filling it right away. Online reservations for tables and party orders are also available.

  1. Keep up with the competition

Very few restaurants in the realm of third-party delivery services offer their online ordering capability. These third-party services are reasonable, but there are hundreds of possibilities, making it easy to become overwhelmed. You may establish a voice for your business and gain the patrons’ trust by using a food ordering system. Additionally, it shows that you’re prepared to meet potential clients where they are (Unlike others who leave everything to third-party services).

  1. Reduces Errors

Errors in orders can be costly and result in food waste in the restaurant. Think about it. Your employee juggles taking orders over the phone while also accidentally packing the wrong things. This will result in two customers receiving the wrong orders, which will be frustrating and upsetting. Not at all. While you try to make up for the error, other customers will have to wait a while to receive their orders. Moreover, you run the danger of getting unfavourable ratings, which could have long-term repercussions. A restaurant ordering system will allow you to double-check the orders and reduce the likelihood of mistakes because everything will be in writing.

  1. Better Personalization

There is no face-to-face interaction between your personnel and clients while ordering online. But it also gives you the opportunity to raise your hospitality standards. You could, for instance, include customized thank-you messages with the order. You may even include a free food item in the order that your dependable customer places. These small gestures demonstrate to your consumers how much you value their business.

Choosing an F&B Digital Ordering Solution: What to Look for

We’ve now validated the necessity of online ordering, but how should restaurants implement it and what do customers want?

  • Simple ordering process

Consumers want simple processes when it comes to digital or online orders. They first want to be able to effortlessly place orders across various channels and devices. Today’s restaurants provide customers with the option to order stuff via their websites, mobile applications, social media platforms, online chat-bots, wearable technology, and even from their cars.

  • Several methods of delivery

The restaurant ordering system must offer a variety of delivery alternatives once a customer has decided what they wish to purchase. Customers’ experiences can greatly alter depending on whether they can order ahead to eat at the restaurant, have food delivered to their house or place of business, or even pick up their food at the curb.

  • Pay Through Mobile

Mobile payments are an extra advantage of online ordering. The days of frantically searching the house for spare change to tip the pizza delivery guy are long gone. Online customers who want the convenience of mobile payments today must have access to a wide range of payment options, including cash, cards, and the most widely used mobile wallets.

Enhance your Digital Ordering with LevelFive Solutions

The most cutting-edge digital ordering solution you’ll ever need is offered by LevelFive’s eDine solution. LevelFive offers a full range of F&B ordering options, from online to in-person, and eDine permits customers to place orders for their favourite foods online or even set up pre-orders, which streamlines your business.

We invite F&B owners to get in touch with us to talk about their digital transformation strategy Learn more about our solutions by scheduling a demo.

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