Kitchen Display System for Chefs & Kitchen Staffs

Main Features

Printed KOTs
  • Avoid double-work of manual writing of KOTs. Enter once on the computer and print in instantly in the kitchen.
Smart Order Priorities
  • Prepare orders in time so they are always served at the right degree of temperature.
Real-Time Prep Status
  • Waiters give customers realistic delivery times, thanks to visual order statuses.
Checker Display System
  • Make food deliveries to the table faster with a checker display system, where it’s checked off from the system list once it’s ready to serve. 
Insightful Reports
  • Track and improve kitchen performance and prep times with detailed reports about kitchen management.
Order Routing
  • Route orders to the right kitchen based on order type and chefs’ availability.
Order Bumping
  • Change order priorities by moving it up or down the queue to serve your guests/diners better.

Our DinePlan Suite Solutions

An Intuitive POS System

Centralized Cloud-Based Backend Solution

Waiter Ordering App

Customer eMenu

Online Ordering System

Kiosk Ordering System

Kitchen Display System

Queue Management System

Real-time Sales Analytical App

Quick POS App

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