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Robust Cloud Backend Software

DineConnect is a robust Cloud backend software for the F&B POS system supporting a wide range of functionalities.

The cloud system supports central management of different locations from anywhere in the world, ensuring smooth operations of different restaurants.

A Powerful Cloud F&B and Restaurant Management System

With the DineConnect Centralized Cloud-Based Backend Solution, you can increase revenue, delight customers, and streamline your f&b and restaurant operations. Sales, in-store and online orders, delivery, inventory, weekly and monthly reports, payments, and more may all be managed. A robust business dashboard also provides you with real-time, key information about your restaurant’s performance at any time and from any location.

Centralized Menu Management

SKU Management

Add-on and Modifiers

Screen Menu

Inventory Management

Materials Tracking

Inventory Management

Food Costing

Purchase Projections

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Customer Engagement

Memberships and Loyalty Programs

Discounts and Vouchers

User Management

Roles & Permissions

Employee Attendance

User Management
Powerful Integrations

Powerful Integrations

DineConnect has integrations with various partners supporting different functionalities. Integration with Loyalty Programs, Aggregator platforms, Accounting Software, Table Management systems and so on.

Reporting and Analytics

Intuitive Dashboards

Extensive Reports

Insightful Information

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