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Waiter Ordering App Solution

Simple mobile application, which waiters can use at the table to take orders using a phone or a tablet. The straightforward app syncs the orders taken to the POS in real time. 

Manage your orders faster, easier, and more accurately

You do away with the old pen and paper procedure and provide on-time delivery. Furthermore, your waiters have their full agenda in their hands, resulting in fewer mistakes and speedier delivery. As a result, you provide superior guest services.

Waiters may use the DineFly, Mobile, or Tab Waiter Ordering App to precisely note every order, transfer it to the kitchen, and print KOTs. As a result, delivery are flawless. It also displays the current state of the dine-in area and order line. As a result, waiters may complete the necessary step for each table.

Manage table orders easily with waiter app

Ordering App Solution

Secure and Lightweight eWaiter Ordering App

User Friendly and Easy to Comprehend

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