Dynamic & Lightweight Kiosk Solution

Main Features

Customer Self-Ordering
  • DineGo allows your F&B Business to either go unmanned or reduce staff overhead costs when you choose to go for self-ordering by customers.
Intuitive User Interface
  • DineGo features many themes and colours, as well as enabling your team to upload your preferred corporate design and colours.
Design your Kiosk Ordering Flow
  • You can craft out your preference for ideal customers’ ordering steps, leaving a lasting impression with a well-thought-out flow.
Flexible Payment Configuration
  • You can allow various payment methods such as debit and credit cards, or digital payment. Interestingly, you may also allow cash payment, and control such that food is only prepared when payment by cash is completed for the order.
Sets, Combos, and Choice Selections
  • Aligned with DinePlan’s setup, DineGo also allows the sets, combos, and selections to be displayed clearly on screen for customers to select from.
Upselling and Recommendations
  • As a picture paints a thousand words, allow your kiosk terminal to efficiently push for upselling and recommendations when a customer is shown pictures of items’ recommendations or upselling combos!

Order Management

  • Receive orders and efficiently passed them to the kitchen instantly.

End to End Flow

  • Orders from DineGo are passed across to POS, KDS (Kitchen Display System), and even QMS (Queue Management System) for Food Collection.

Menu Item and Payment Sync

  • In sync with DinePlan and DineConnect to display up-to-date sales, as well as payment status.

Sold-out Items

  • Automatically prevent sales of menu items that have run out to be included for selection.

Scheduled Menu

  • Configure automatic menu changes based on time and day.

Redemption of Discounts and Vouchers

  • Allows for discounts and vouchers to be done over the kiosk for an overall seamless redemption and service experience for customers.

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