An Intuitive POS System

Main Features

Table Management
  • Table splits, table merges, item splits – manage them all with accuracy.
Order Management
  • Takes orders like a superstar and passes them to the kitchen instantly.
Delivery & Takeaway
  • Manage delivery and takeaway orders flawlessly with tokens. 
Menu Management
  • Bring a refreshing change to the menus; offer combos. 
Sold-out Items
  • Automatically prevent sales of menu items that have run out. 
  • Dissect and improve your operations through a variety of reports. 
Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Multiply user productivity with touch, keyboard inputs, and keyboard shortcuts. 
No Pilferage & Theft
  • Double check policy helps prevent accidental and intentional billing charges. 


  • Track your staff time on the job; shifts and handovers are also tracked. 

Kitchen Order Tokens

  • Route orders to the right kitchen terminal using printed kitchen order tokens.

Small Change Cash Management

  • This is an indispensable feature for many restaurants.

Language & Currency

  • DinePlan’s Point-of-Sales (POS) supports all currencies and languages of the world.

Colour Coding

  • Visually distinct colour codes help you seat guests to a vacant table quickly. 

SMS & Email Alerts

  • Send live sales notifications to key stakeholders via SMS and email. 

Flexible Payment Methods

  • Credit cards, debit cards, wallets, and cash make accepting payments so easy.

Quick Access Items

  • Access your most popular items in an instant from your DinePlan dashboard.

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