Efficient Waiting-Time & Queue Management System

Main Features

Highly Configurable Queue Display Screen
  • The layout of Queue Display can be segmented into variating portion sizes.
  • Able to add video files or montage of pictures to display alongside queue number output.
  • Choose between Male or Female Announcers to read out the queue number output.
Tight-knitted Sync with DinePlan / DineChef
  • Queue Management System works in conjunction with POS or Kitchen Display to bump off orders.
  • Display preparation timing and assign food collection location.
  • Ability to manually call or re-call patrons who missed their orders.
    Make It Uniquely Yours
    • The background, colour, and text can be set to match branding colours.
    • Add customized alert sound when informing patrons to take note of upcoming orders.
    • Able to breakdown by Departments to accurately inform patrons of their food order.

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