Handy & Lightweight Mobile POS App

A Mobile POS Solution is an excellent choice for businesses such as food trucks, juice and ice cream shops, fast foods, bakeries, chats, canteens, QSRs, and many others. 

F&B Businesses can be setup Quickly, Cost- effectively, extremely easy-to-use and handy POS application.

DineTouch - Mobile POS

A Quick POS App System

DineTouch is a lightweight mobile POS application that can be installed on any Android or iOS mobile/tablet device. The simple POS application is handy and cost-effective to use on the go

DineTouch Overview

The Fully-Integrated Mobile POS software provides a one-stop solution for all of your f&b business needs. It is a fully assembled mPOS system that allows you to carry out and operate all billing processes. It is preferable to reduce your hardware and billing floor area investments by implementing quicker billing activities.

DineTouch, as a convenient POS system, allows you to take your POS to any area of the business and generate bills even when there is no internet connection.

With its enhanced UI and portable app, DineTouch is a 2X quicker billing solution that may help businesses avoid the line and surprise their customers with super fast checkouts.

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Track your data

DineTouch can be integrated with DineConnect for cloud backend software to the POS system, supporting a wide range of functionalities. The cloud technology allows for the central management of several branches/outlets from anywhere on the globe, assuring the seamless running of various QSR restaurants, franchises, and other businesses.

We offer a customized solution to your particular operating demands, whether you are a single or multi-chain business.

Setup Quickly & Use

DineTouch assists business owners in efficient training of their staff by providing a clear user interface and easy access to all functions.

The simple device is an extremely easy-to-use and handy POS application.


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