You might have faced a situation to generate the Insert SQL Scripts from your database and the tools which generate the insert scripts are to be paid.

This post helps to show the features which comes with the SQL Server 2008 to generate not only the insert scripts but also the schema as well.

We have faced this problem for one of our databases has to be moved from one system to other system.


Step 1

Go to the location

C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SQL Server90ToolsPublishing1.4

There is a executable file called [SqlPubWiz.exe]. Double click and open the file.

Step 2

Skip the welcome screen. You will be able to see the screen like one below. Enter your server details and click next


Step 3

Select the database and make sure you also select “Script all the objects in the selected database”

Once done, please click next

The screen will be one like below:


Step 4

In this screen, there is a field called “Types of data to publish” which gives the options to choose the following options

  • Schema and data
  • Schema only
  • Data Only.

According to your need, choose the values accordingly.


Once selected, click finish

This will create the Insert script for all your tables.

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