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Self Ordering Kiosk System

Grow more sales while saving valuable customer time!

All sizes of restaurants can use our self-ordering kiosks system. Your environment will be modified by large-format touchscreens, which enable you to show an infinite number of goods.

No more ignoring customers to check prices and inventory on a computer. Your sales team has real-time direct access to your master catalog, pricing, and inventory.

With a custom-designed experience based on LevelFive Solution’s self-ordering kiosks, you can eliminate queues, free up employees’ time, and give customers what they want.

Your customers can independently place orders, finish transactions, or make payments with our self-ordering kiosk.

If you’re seeking dependable kiosk system to put your idea into practice, Get In Touch With Us.

Self Ordering Kiosk System

What is a Kiosk Self Ordering System?

A self ordering kiosk system is a POS gateway through which customers can make orders and payment without engaging with a salesperson. These kiosks can be found in a variety of places, such as retail stores, resorts, restaurants, and airports.

Customers can place their orders and make payments for them using a touchpad without having to line up or connect with a human cashier. Depending on the consumers’ requirements, such kiosks might also offer customized order options or suggestions.

Why do you need Self Ordering Kiosk?

  • Self ordering kiosks shorten long waits, involve customers in the ordering process, and enable better decisions by presenting a list of ingredients, variations, and additives.
  • It will assist you in managing your orders more quickly, simply, and precisely.
  • At the counters, customers can place orders immediately, pay for them, and pick up their meals.
  • Eateries and quick-service restaurants can use this flexible self-ordering system as a kiosk arrangement to assist their customers in avoiding long waits and waiting hours to be served.

What are the Benefits of Kiosk Self Ordering System

  • Increased order consistency- With clients choosing and submitting their own orders, they will greatly decrease the chance of error for orders. Because it guarantees that your customers know exactly what they’re ordering, a kiosk with a visual menu is extremely helpful in eliminating confusion and avoiding confrontations.
  • Simple and easy transactions for ordering- By keeping certain customers away from the counter, a self-ordering kiosk speeds up the process of processing orders. Additionally, it makes it simple for clients to browse the menu and pay quickly. 
  • Minimizing wait times and offering quicker service- By allowing consumers to place their order and make payment in just a few clicks, a self-ordering kiosk can help cut down on those wait times. Customers can then leave the line to pick up their orders.
  • Simple suggestions- When a consumer is offered images of recommended items or up-selling combinations, let your kiosk interface effectively promote increasing sales and suggestions since a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Personalized menu- For clients attraction, prevent sales of menu items that have run out to be included for selection. A self-ordering kiosk arranges the Menu for specific days or times as preferred.

Why are self-ordering kiosks becoming more popular?

Self-service ordering kiosks aren’t exactly new. Before Covid-19, many leading chain restaurants had already installed self-ordering kiosk systems in their restaurants, and the technology had shown to be a success.

  • Self-service kiosks are leading because they are making a rise in sales and profit. Changes in consumer behaviour are mostly to account for the increase in sales.
  • Customers expect the same amount of control, flexibility, and uniqueness when they visit a restaurant since they are accustomed to the simplicity and speed of ordering food online.
  • Restaurant kiosks are perfectly positioned to meet evolving customer expectations because they are made particularly to offer this quicker and more individualized ordering experience.

We Offering Best Self Ordering Kiosk in Singapore

LevelFive Solutions is offering the best self service kiosk in Singapore. Our leading self-service kiosk system in Singapore is the greatest in terms of quality, reliability, and technological advancement, giving our customers an advantage over the fierce market rivalry. Our integrated systems in Singapore help to maximize resource use while enhancing services and performance.

Kiosk Self Ordering System

How Self Ordering Kiosks Benefit the QSR Business

Kiosks that allow customers to self-order are not just beneficial to the generation of digital youth, but also to QSRs.

  • Reduces ordering time– By keeping numerous customers away from the desk, a self-ordering kiosk speeds up the ordering procedure.
  • Lower labour costs- If you choose to not install a kiosk at your QSR, you will need to hire extra people to take orders at the counter. A kiosk reduces labor costs by altering the front-of-house arrangement.
  • Assures on order accuracy- Customers can place orders at their own speed using a self-service food ordering system. It allows them time to go over the menu items they’ve chosen and place their order.
  • Contributes to targeted promotion- A self-service food ordering system allows restaurateurs to present a variety of messages based on their customers’ purchasing habits. Kiosks allow you to display photos of food items, which makes the dish look more appealing and increases the likelihood that customers would order it. 
  • Boosts client satisfaction-QSRs are known for offering fast service. Just think about how long your consumer would have to wait to place an order. Without a doubt, this will harm your QSR’s reputation. By putting the entire menu at your clients’ fingertips, you make it simpler for them to place an order.

Choose the Best Self Ordering Kiosk System for your Restaurant or QSR Business

A best self ordering kiosk will definitely increase your profit and sales in your QSR business. DineGo will help you in making your restaurant or QSR business more profitable.

  • DineGo, a self-service kiosk at LevelFive Solutions, is a site where consumers may quickly place orders, make payments, and get their food from the counters. Customers can purchase without being obliged to wait or being delayed. Restaurants are increasingly providing self-ordering systems.
  • When you choose to go with self-ordering by customers through DineGo, your F&B Business has the option of operating without staff or saving money on staff overhead.
  • You can accept a variety of payment options, including digital payments and debit and credit cards through DineGo. It also accepts cash payments.
  • It enables the acceptance of discounts and coupons through the kiosk for a perfectly smooth client relationship.

Get a Free Consultation on Self-Service Kiosk Systems from LevelFive

DineGo from LevelFive Solutions is ready to assist you with your objectives. LevelFive Solutions does have the restaurant kiosk solution to help you succeed whether your priority is boosting service speed, enhancing your bottom line, growing across new outlets, increasing locations, investigating franchising, or maximizing customer loyalty. To understand more about the kiosk software and hardware combinations that will best support your objectives, speak with one of our specialists.

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