Mobile POS for F&B and Retail Industry

Our DineTouch and RetailTouch Mobile POS Apps are both simple and effective for handling your F&B and Retail operations. It supports all types of restaurants, QSRs, Bakeries, Cafes, Food trucks, and retail businesses, among others.

A Cost-Effective and Intuitive Mobile POS System

A portable, cost-effective tablet and mobile POS system for all sorts of F&B and Retail businesses. Our Mobile POS App is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. The use of a mobile point of sale (mPOS) system frees up space on the sales counter.

DineTouch Mobile POS for F&B

DineTouch - mPOS for F&B

DineTouch is a lightweight mobile POS (mPOS) app, and simple devices are quick and easy POS software solutions.

Order processing has been more structured with the DineTouch POS mobile app, allowing you to focus on ensuring faster sales and decreasing client wait time.

Today’s mobile POS systems are small and easy to carry.

RetailTouch - mPOS for Retail Shops

RetailTouch transforms your retail business into a digital one by implementing a completely mobile or tablet, scalable, and secure POS.

Simply install the app on your smartphone, tablet, or iPad to get started. Get real-time data whenever and wherever you choose.

RetailTouch Mobile POS for Retail

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