F&B Solutions for Cafes

Facilitate your Cafe’s F&B operations with DinePlan Solutions Suite

Our Use Case for Cafe Arabica


Intuitive POS System

User-friendly POS (Point-of-Sales) System


Create a seamless service process flow with your food and beverage establishment’s technologies with our DinePlan POS System as your business’s first point of contact with your diners and guests

Utilizing on simplified navigation screen for easy categorization of items & seamless ordering and payment collections processes; having visible tracks on products’ shelf life and menu items wastages to better plan on inventory and save costs; providing Multi-Order Management concepts to support various dining services options and so much more!

DinePlan an intuitive POS system solution for F&B businesses & restaurant management
DineConnect Backend Cloud-based Management System Solution for F&B business owners for restaurant management


Backend Cloud-based Management Solution

An All-in-One Management System 

A complete backend management solution suited for any Food and Beverage establishments’ operations, provides a wide range of features, functions & reports ranging from Inventory – Menu management to built-in and customizable reports with historical data, the selections are endless!

Your sales team would like it! Upsell smartly by suggesting perfect toppings & sides while taking orders, update and sync materials information for any outlet anytime & set tax rates easily based on economic markets.

Loyalty programs have never gotten this smooth: Create Gifting and Memberships easily to build a fanbase of your own! Cater Dynamic Promotions and Vouchers to entice customers anytime – on the fly, in many ways, and provide your trusted employees with Employee matters’ related categories to cater to better manpower management.


Waiter Ordering Application

List Down Orders on the Fly

Fly and have a seamless take-orders process with an extension from our DinePlan POS ordering solution!
Similar functions as our DinePlan POS solutions: Simple and straightforward ordering processes to suit staff of any age group, direct sending of order tickets to kitchen and POS, and preview of order bills swiftly.
Have various payment modes for diners, similar layout options, and menu item changes synced immediately to DinePlan POS.
Plus points: Various order selections options and important features for servitor.
DineFly Waiter Ordering App for F&B business owners for restaurant management

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