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Our Use Case for Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals

With DinePlan’s Solutions Suite, our team at LevelFive Solutions are able to customize Apollo Hospitals needs and requests to meet and fulfill their hospital’s overall operational process flow so as to better provide to their in-patients, out-patients, visitors, and hospital staff altogether and to also enable both patients and guests to enjoy a more comfortable, and seamless experience with their stay at or visit Apollo Hospitals.

Introducing on DinePlan’s Intuitive POS system, payment flow at the canteens and/or cafeteria have been made much easier and simpler with easy navigation panels for frontend staff where diners (both out-patients and visitors) dining within the premises of the hospitals could either simply make their orders with our QuickDine solutions at their table with the use of our Unique OTP QR Code and make payments after they have finished their meals at the payment counter known as the ‘Pay-Later’ concept or the ‘Pay-First’ concept where diners could make their orders and payments simultaneously via the usage of Self-Ordering Kiosk Terminals. 

This has thus helped Apollo Hospitals to better manage the overall crowd and operational flow within the premises of their canteens and cafeteria altogether.

Using DineTouch’s Quick POS application via the use of an android based tablet or mobile phone, Apollo Hospitals is able to then also cater Quick Service (QSR) concept to out-patients and visitors who are seated and waiting for their medical appointments, collection of their medications, and/or for their loved ones with convenience and ease when they wish to purchase small menu items such as Drinks and/or Snacks. They could easily do so within their vicinity and this would lessen the need for guests to travel much as hospital staff would be on a routine roster basis where they would make trips within the premises of the hospital with trolleys including a wide assortment of drinks and snacks. 

Via DineConnect’s backend cloud-based management solution, under our ‘House’ function module, hospital staff who are working at the back office of Apollo Hospitals could seamlessly and easily manage their paperwork management consisting of primary functions such as Suppliers, Purchases (i.e. in-patients’ meal order payments, out-patients and visitors’ sales transactions), Inventory, Productions and/or Transfers &, etc. which could then help to fulfill on Apollo Hospitals’ finances and accounting needs and requests where our solutions consist of a wide range of our partners’ integration applications such as XERO, ODOO, Tally and so much more, where they could be integrated efficiently and effectively to provide additional benefits to Apollo Hospitals’ overall hospital management operations and to customize and build a comprehensive and unique backend management system for Apollo Hospitals’ hospital staff where it meets their requirements respectively too.

And under our ‘Swipe’ function module, for the doctors and students, we provide a token and top-up module to manage the monthly expenses for which they will be provided as an allowance due to the hectic work schedule and prerogative to not handle cash for hygiene purposes. 

With the added benefits and help our wide range of partners’ integration applications have to offer, CCAvenue is no exception. Being one of our current payment partners, CCAvenue is a familiar name to many and they are known for their secure and stable payment transactions’ flows and processes. With CCAvenue, we are able to integrate with QuickDine’s solutions seamlessly to provide payment gateway services for Apollo Hospitals where they are able to cater and accept a wide range of payment modes to their patients, guests, and/or hospital staff (Doctors and Nurses). 

Lastly, using DineLive, our sales analytical application solution, Apollo Hospitals’ management team such as the hospital owners, directors, and executives, etc. could then view on Real-time Sales Transactions via their mobile phones easily without the need to make physical trips down to the hospitals’ locations, where they are able to view it anytime and anywhere to align well with their overall schedules too. And similarly, Apollo Hospitals’ operations teams could also easily view sales transactions in real-time based on what items their hospital staff has sold on for the day itself or for any other time frame where they would be able to select their preferred date range and much more. 

Our QuickDine Use Case Scenerio for Apollo Hospitals

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