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Introducing DineGo - Complete Self Ordering Software Solutions - Suitable for F&B Takeaway Service


The increase of Covid-19 cases is worrying to all restaurant owners and we know that safety is important during this trying time. As no Dine-in restrictions are implemented for all F&B establishments, and diners are only allowed to takeaway or use online delivery options. With our DineGo which is part of DinePlan suite, it would be a suitable option for businesses to consider managing their restaurant in a safe and secure way.

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QuickDine QR Code Self Ordering Platform System Product Flow


With QuickDine’s QR Ordering System, dining in or taking away can be made much simpler and seamless after dining in restrictions eases out for your F&B business.

With a scan on your phone and a key in of our Unique OTP feature, you can easily view promotions, menu items, make your order without the need of a waiter and more easily at the palm of your hand.

It is especially beneficial for businesses during the pandemic phase where social distancing is required. Diners need not worry about order or payment issues as our Unique OTP QR Code will be newly generated each time new diners are seated, if previous diners or third-party users have the QR Code, the OTP will no longer work.

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Our Complete DinePlan’s Solution Suite Process and Payment Flow


Managing a restaurant is made easy with DinePlan Solutions. With seamless and responsive flow to our solution, orders and payments are hassle-free. With the flexibility of payment methods, customers have the freedom to choose their mode of payment. As for restaurant owners, it boosts the efficiency of the workflow and reduces human error.

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