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DinePlan comprises of a comprehensive suite of solutions that helps F&B establishments provide various customer touchpoints and improves business efficiency. We have served concepts such as cafeterias, chain restaurants, fast food, fine dining, take-away counters and delivery-only operations. Our solution have also extended its capability to cover catering, central kitchen and food production.

Overall Unique Selling Points/Features of DinePlan Solutions:
Comprehensive Backend and Frontend Cloud-Hybrid System
Mobile Ordering Solutions (Suitable for Android and iOS)
QR Code and Online Ordering
Material and Stock Inventory Management
Touch Screen POS and Kiosk Terminals
Multilingual Support
Customizable Functions

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RetailPlan provides a comprehensive suite of Retail solutions for both B2B and B2C businesses. It ranges from an intuitive POS, to detailed inventory tracking, as well as a backend that is able to satisfy the vastly different Retail industry. Our range of customers include minimart, book store, electronics, furniture, clothing, raw goods and manufacturer, all with a successful story to tell how we are able to fulfil the unique needs for each of them.

Overall Unique Selling Points/Features of RetailPlan Solutions:
Comprehensive Backend and Frontend Cloud-Hybrid System
Hold and Recall Payments
Simple Exchange and Refund Process
Sales Commission and Consignment Calculation
Able to capture Serial Numbers and other Attributes (Colour, Size, Category, Genre, etc)
Detailed Purchasing, Stock-in and Stock-take process
Suitable for B2B business such as Wholesale and Trading
Multilingual Support
Ability to tweak system to match business needs (Mini-ERP)