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The DinePlan Suite has been built from the ground up keeping in mind the complex workflows of the various restaurant business models.

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DinePlan adapts to the dynamic and often complex specifications of fine dining places, fast food, restaurants, franchise operations, coffee shops, pizzerias, bakeries, food courts, cloud kitchens and so much more.

If you're using another restaurant management software you'll immediately appreciate the power of DinePlan's Suite Solution with a personalized product demo.
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Our DinePlan Suite

The DinePlan Suite includes various feature modules, with each addressing a core business function that every modern, high-growth, both standalone and chain restaurant requires and would wish to have for today's current market needs and trends.

They seamlessly work together to bring your restaurant business splendid results, both for casual and formal dining service concepts. The DinePlan Suite caters and supports any currency and most of the languages you would require for your business operations.

This is especially beneficial for your internal and external business operations if you are operating with a team of staff personnel with various cultural and language backgrounds and with operations catering towards the locals.

Our DinePlan Suite Solutions

An Intuitive POS System

Centralized Cloud-Based Backend Solution

Kitchen Display System

Queue Management System

Waiter Ordering App

Quick POS App

Real-time Sales Analytical App

Customer eMenu

Online Ordering System

Kiosk Ordering System