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Point of Sales Restaurant Software

DinePlan Point of Sale Restaurant Software from LevelFive

Point of Sales Restaurant Software has revolutionized kitchen operations completely. DinePlan Point of Sale Restaurant Software is one of the finest POS for restaurants available in the market. Made to ease restaurant operations, the software offers exclusive functions that take care of your restaurant’s day-day operations, right from order to billing.

Enhance your business service levels by delivering a swift restaurant experience to your clients.

The core features of DinePlan Point of Sale Restaurant Software include:

  • Intuitive UI
  • Table Management
  • Multilingual Support
  • Cloud Backend Support
  • Ticket / Order Management
  • Integration
  • Reports
  • Fast Billing
  • Easy to Learn
Restaurants POS Software

It is easy to integrate and has Customizable Screens with high Data Security and offline mode function.

Point of Sale Software for Restaurants of All Sizes

Every business has unique needs and DinePlan is made to cater to them all. It is one software perfect for all types and sizes of restaurant operations. DinePlan is an intuitive POS that fits the operational needs of cafeterias, chain restaurants, quick food, fine dining, and other concepts. You can easily integrate it with your existing software and hardware and take advantage of the unique and user-friendly features.

POS Systems

Easy to use and set up

What makes DinePlan stand out from the lot is its user-friendliness and easy set-up. Unlike many other Point of Sales Restaurant Software, DinePlan does not have a cluttered design but simple on-screen features to make it easy for the users.

The stand-out buttons boost user-friendliness to the next level offering fast search and quick entry functions. You can also customize language, currency, display, and print layout to offer a more synced experience to your clients. It saves time, effort, and money when you invest in DinePlan- the best Point of Sales Restaurant software. 

Transform your billing & payment processes with the DinePlan POS System

Highly versatile and secure, DinePlan takes control of your billing and payment process and makes them easier and quicker. The POS allows adding all the items in the menu along with prices. When it’s time for billing, you can choose the items from the log and the final price of the order is calculated automatically. The software reduces billing and payment time significantly allowing you to make the customer happy by saving time.

Additionally, effective backend and inventory management ensure that the accuracy is the finest. This means there are no wrong bill orders, inaccurate bill totals, or missing items from the menu.

Get started with your Point-of-Sale Restaurant Software today

Run your restaurant more efficiently with DinePlan Point of Sales Restaurant Software. POS is an incredible way to streamline your restaurant operations and boost productivity and profits, with full control of your inventory, orders, and billing system on one screen, you can manage the entire restaurant more efficiently.

DinePlan is apt for all types and sizes of food establishments and is made to overcome any challenge that the food industry faces when it comes to restaurant management.

Get DinePlan Point of Sale Restaurant Software now and enjoy profits through operational efficiency.

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