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Save Up to 50% PSG Grant POS System

F&B and Retail POS System Singapore Grant

Businesses need motivation and support to flourish and Productivity Solution Grant (PSG) is an aid from the government to promote economic transformation in Singapore. PSG is a grant policy launched and administered by the Government as an initiative to establish the country as a world leader in the use of technology, innovation, and best entrepreneurship.

The POS system Singapore grant program aids SMEs in adopting newer technologies to streamline their operations, enhance productivity and contribute to the economic growth of the sector and Singapore. The grant is provided to SMEs in the food, engineering, logistics, retail, and eCommerce sector and promotes the implementation of IT solutions such as equipment, and consultancy services offered by leading solution providers.

F&B POS System

Bring efficiency to your business by controlling your day-to-day operations from one point. Our POS system Singapore grant for the F&B sector is approved for a grant by IMDA.

POS System Singapore Grant

You can get a range of benefits for your operational efficiency and profitability at a lower cost which is further reduced by up to 80% once the grant is approved. Simple and user-friendly, our software streamlines:

PSG Grant POS System

Retail POS System

Retail operations are tedious and time-consuming. By implementing a PSG grant POS system for Retail, you can automate processes and have better control of your processes and operations. LevelFive Solutions bring you excellent Retail POS systems that are pre-approved for the PSG grant POS systems. The core features of our POS system Singapore grant include:

  • Range of Payment Modes
  • Exchange & Return
  • Memberships & Discounts
  • Multi-store-Management
  • Intuitive UI
  • Quick Billing
  • 2 Step Order Processing and 
  • Offline Mode

Save Up to 50% on Government Grants

PSG grant POS system brings ultimate benefits for the restaurant owners in Singapore by enabling them to leverage the best that technology has to offer. Restaurants, especially SMEs can now make technology a core part of their operations and boost efficiency and productivity, and that too at a minimal cost, thanks to the IMDA grant program. The Go Digital Productivity Solutions Grant Program by IMDA offers businesses to support in buying digital solutions to boost their productivity. An eligible restaurant can receive up to 80% of the solution’s cost as a POS system Singapore grant from IMDA.

PSG grant POS system by LevelFive is a Pre-Approved PSG for Go Digital Productivity Solutions Grant Program by IMDA. When you choose us, you save money today and in the long run.

LevelFive Solution PSG Grant Pre-approved Vendor

LevelFive takes pride in being a Pre-Approved PSG vendor of the Go Digital Productivity Solutions Grant Program by IMDA. We offer futuristic POS system Singapore grant solutions which are approved and commended by the IMDA and hence businesses can take advantage of the grant. If you are an eligible SEM and your grant gets approved, we provide the customers with a One-Year Connect subscription, approved hardware, installation, training, and more.

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