Save up to 80%* on Our Cloud-Based System POS utilizing the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) under IMDA

The Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB) Grant under IMDA has been officially ceased since 30th June 2021. We seek your kind understanding with regards to this update, thank you.

What is PSG?

The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) supports Singaporean SMEs to adopt IT solutions to enhance their restaurant operations.
As LevelFive Solutions Pte Ltd is a pre-approved PSG vendor, you can receive up to 80%* funding on our solution costs.
Note: * – Subjected to Approval
This covers a One-Year Connect subscription, approved hardware, installation, training, and more.

How do I get the PSG for Retail Outlets or Restaurants?

Get a Quotation from LevelFive Pte Ltd

Please contact us through the website and one of our Product Specialists will get in touch with you. You’ll discover which solutions best suit your needs and receive a quotation.

Apply for the PSG

After checking your grant eligibility, register for a CorpPass account and submit your application for the PSG on the Business Grant Portal (BGP).

Claim for Reimbursement

Once approved for the PSG, complete the payment of your package and go live. On File a claim on business grant portal (BCP) for 70%- 80% grant. *Subjected to approval

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