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Save up to 50%* with Productivity Solution Grant(PSG) when you purchase our solutions!

Save up to 50% with Productivity
Solution Grant(PSG) when you
purchase our solutions!

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Get up to 50%* of Government Grant Support

The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) supports Singaporean SMEs to adopt IT solutions to enhance their restaurant operations.
LevelFive Solutions is proud to be a Pre-Approved PSG vendor of the Go Digital Productivity Solutions Grant Program by IMDA, so you can receive up to 50%* funding on our solution costs.

Note: * – Subjected to Approval

This covers a One-Year Connect subscription, approved hardware, installation, training, and more.

Get a PSG for your F&B or Retail Business

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Contact us through the website and one of our Product Specialists will get in touch with you. You’ll discover which solutions best suit your needs and receive a quotation.
Apply for PSG

After checking your eligibility on your CorpPass account, you can submit your application for our PSG packages on the Business Grant Portal (BGP).

Claim for Reimbursement

With acknowledgement or approval of the grant, we may begin the payment and project implementation. Claim can be processed one month after system utilization, submitting the required proof of usage and documentation.

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