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Transform to the digital world of Restaurants through a QR Code Ordering System Singapore

Get your customers the greatest QR code menu solution and ensure their safety while they are dining.

By adopting a QR code ordering system Singapore, you may increase efficiency, lessen in-person interaction, and improve customer satisfaction. Customers can be satisfied in a variety of ways by offering efficient QR code table-side ordering, delivery, takeaway, contactless payments, and many more services. Increase your sales volume thrice by using LevelFive Solutions.

Customers can view the food digital menu by downloading no apps by using their phone’s camera to scan the QR code. Customers may then place their order, pay instantaneously, and have their food delivered right to their table with just a few clicks.

What is QR Code Ordering System?

Quick response (QR) codes are matrix bar codes that may contain data such as URLs. They can be scanned using a smartphone’s camera or QR code reader.

QR Code Ordering System Singapore
F&B companies can digitize their menus and ordering procedures with a QR code without degrading the dining experiences of their clients. The customized e-menu for the restaurant is often connected to your point-of-sale (POS) backend and can be set up according to stock availability and schedule. Diners may now readily view the menu on their phones thanks to this. While they were gaining popularity earlier, QR code ordering systems didn’t fully take off until 2020 in order to cut down on touch points. They are now a common component of the F&B sector.

Simple QR Code ordering system

  • Get rid of the inconveniences associated with printing and maintaining physical menus.
  • Allow consumers to quickly scan your menu using QR codes on their mobile devices without having to install any apps.
  • Develop a user-friendly digital ordering interface to streamline the ordering process.
  • Allow clients to use the same QR code to place many orders for different brands.
  • Add, change, or update your menu quickly using our system.
QR Code Restaurant Ordering

Advantages of QR Code Ordering

  • Increase order handling efficiency.
  • Use a digital interface to process orders in high volume more quickly.
  • No standing in line to place an order or calling a server for each one.
  • less human error because clients can place orders directly from their mobile devices.
  • It’s simple to update prices, add goods, or emphasize the menu’s best-selling items without having to rewrite the QR code.
  • You might give diners and staff peace of mind by avoiding touch and using communal areas.
  • Allow clients to place orders anytime they like and to place additional orders without having to wait for a waiter.
  • Increase order accuracy by giving clients more control.
  • Increase production by hastening table turnover.
  • Allowing employees to focus on other tasks.

The QR Code Ordering System is suitable for any F&B concept

The QR Code ordering system has made getting a meal at a restaurant so much easier! Now you can order what you want and be redirected to their website on your phone with one scan.

This system is efficient as it does not require the customer to wait in line to order their food and it also eliminates the hassle of having to talk with a waiter about what they want for their meal.

Dine-in Restaurants- The system is designed to be used in restaurants and it has been created in order to allow customers to order their meals without having to be present in the restaurant.

For Quick Service Restaurants- QR codes are a great way to order food from a restaurant. It is much more convenient than going through the whole process of ordering over the phone. They are also more secure and provide a faster service.

For Hotel Food Service– The QR code ordering system is used in hotels as well. It’s an efficient way for guests to order room service and have it delivered to their rooms.

For Coffee Shops- QR codes are a new way of ordering coffee. They are not only a more convenient way of ordering, but they also help with the efficiency of the process. Customers can scan their code and order their coffee before they even reach the counter, which saves time and money for both parties involved.

Why Choose Us?

  • Use our system to quickly create, edit, or update your menu.
  • For the digital menu, it will create a QR code. Customers can easily order the menu from their devices by scanning the QR code. You will be notified when an order is placed at your end.
  • Restaurant owners can easily run direct promotions using our internet ordering platform for their establishment.
  • The user-friendly interface of our management system enables you to effortlessly produce a QR code image that any QR code reader can read.
  • Unique QR codes are produced using our built-in QR code generator.
  • Being a cloud-based service, managing and customizing your online menu is quite simple.
  • While managing the online order with our management software, the merchant can list on many marketplaces.
  • We offer management solutions for managing customers and sales reports for researching sales information.
  • Although there are many QR code generators available, only a few of them are compatible with all QR code readers, QR scanners, and other scanning devices.


LevelFive has a QR ordering system that allows clients to place orders and even pre-orders. Supports drive-thru ordering, which enables customers to place orders and pick them up while on the go. Delivery of the orders is enabled as well, and delivery zones can be configured in accordance with the capacity for serving.

Give your customers the flexibility of an easy-to-order, contactless, and safe dining experience using the Interactive QR Code Ordering Solution with us by claiming up to 80% of the PSG Grant.

Looking to replace printed menus with digital ones?

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