Best-in-class Purchasing & Stocktaking

Using RetailFly, you can create purchase orders and stock take on the move. This mobile application can be installed on any mobile or tablet device. This app will assist you in keeping track of your stock of any type of product.

Mobile Purchasing and Stock Taking App

Now, create Purchase Orders and Stock take on the move. These mobile applications, installed on any mobile or tablet device, can be used to create purchase orders and take stock easily without the requirement of bulky dedicated devices. 

Stock Replenishment has never been this Seamless

  • Fret not about running low on stocks, with our Purchase Order, you can easily place and make orders anytime and anywhere with just a mobile or tablet! 
  • Directly sync the backend in real time where the staff can easily retrieve the Purchase Invoice.

Stock - Take while on the Fly

  • Simply use the product item’s barcode to scan and check on the item’s System and Physical stock quantity level within the inventory system.

Watch RetailFly in action

Hassle-free Inventory Management

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