An Intuitive POS System

Main Features

  • Item searching helps to search items quickly by barcode, SKU, description, department, category, and brand
Exchange & Return
  • Exchange feature help to exchange the purchased product with New products and Return helps to refund the payment to the customer
Pay Out/In
  • Users can do Cash-Out (Expenses) or Cash-In
Pay Change
  • Users can change the payment method to the bill
FOC (Free-of-Charge)
  • Customers can receive free gifts when using this function on the system
History Receipt
  • Finding past transactions are made easier
Claim Gift Voucher
  • Customers can use Company or other vouchers either as discount or payment
Deposit (similar to Layaways)
  • Supports receiving deposits from customers, if your business required it
Claim Deposit
  • Supports updating and claiming of deposits placed by customers
On Screen Menu
  • A quick touch to select items for transactions

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An Intuitive POS System

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