An Intuitive Retail POS System

RetailPlan will help you grow your business and please your customers. Our one-stop retail POS system allows you to sell anywhere and simplifies business operations.

A One-stop Solution for Retail Business Operations

The RetailPlan POS has been developed, enhanced and constantly improved so as to meet the ever-changing requirements of the various retail business models and their complex workflows. We have encompassed every element within the suite and our RetailConnect cloud-based backend.

The RetailPlan Suite is a comprehensive point-of-sale solution designed to meet the ever-changing business needs of various retail business models and their complex workflow. With a cloud backend system, RetailPlan solutions are a one-stop solution for retail business operations.

A Complete Retail POS System

RetailPlan - Retail Software

Easy Items Search and Add Options

Quickly scan the barcodes of the items to add to the cart. Items can be searched easily with their name, description or even categories.

Exchange & Return

Easily handle Exchange and Return requests from customers.

Handling All Types of Payments and Transactions

See RetailPlan POS in action

Retail POS System

Design Screen Menu & Receipt

Discounts and Gift Voucher

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