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Retail Mobile POS System

In RetailTouch, you would install POS software on a tablet or smartphone and serve clients wherever they are with a Retail Mobile POS system. Because your checkout is portable and can go anywhere you need it.

A Mobile Point-of-Sale System for your Retail Outlet

RetailTouch’s Retail Mobile POS enables merchants to sell on the go while also providing improved customer experiences, reshaping the way they interact with your shoppers.

Bring More Flexibility

  • In response to the increased popularity of smartphones and the need to deliver seamless shopping experiences across all channels, retailers are rapidly moving their point-of-sale to mobile devices.
  • It enables your employees to provide service interactions from anywhere in the shop. Everything can be done from a single mobile device, whether it’s a sale, a return, onboarding a customer, or giving a product consultation.

Mobile POS (mPOS) on the Cloud

  • Bring your retail business into the digital age with a completely mobile, reliable, and secure POS. To get started, just download and install the app on an Android or iOS-based mobile phone or tablet.
  • Get real-time data whenever and wherever you need, and keep your data safe even if the hardware fails.

Watch RetailTouch in Action

RetailTouch Retail Mobile POS

Boost your Business with RetailTouch

  • Do retail business effectively. With RetailTouch, you can reduce overhead expenses, save time, and provide a seamless customer experience.
  • RetailTouch can handle POS billing, QR code payments, promotions, item and invoice discounts, hold & recall, settlement, and much more.
  • Give professional assistance and maximise sales by using the same strong POS tools that are accessible on a PC or Mac.

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Ready to
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