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Web-browser based Retail POS Application

RetailWeb is a retail POS cloud-based application that works well on any device that has a web browser, making it easy for users. With RetailConnect as a cloud backend system

Retail POS Cloud Software That Makes Sales Faster

RetailWeb, as the name suggests, is a browser-based, comprehensive retail point of sale solution with RetailConnect as a cloud backend system. This straightforward application can be accessed from any browser on any device, making it convenient for the users to implement and access the POS directly on their system.

Retail POS Cloud

Comprehensive Retail Web POS

  • RetailWeb is a comprehensive browser-based POS solution supporting all the features of a high-end POS at affordable price.
  • The Compact solution makes the billing process simple and convenient for the user with an attractive UI Design. 
  • With RetailConnect as a cloud backend system, the application is a one stop solution for all the Retail business requirements.

Web-based POS on the Cloud

  • With a range of powerful POS capabilities designed to boost your operational productivity, you can check reports and manage employees from virtually any location with an internet connection.
  • As a cloud-based platform, you can manage your store from the convenience of your living room.
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Grow Faster with RetailWeb POS

  • With the RetailWeb POS software system, we can provide flexible support for your omnichannel strategy. And significantly simplify your stores’ technical infrastructure.
  • RetailWeb has everything you need to delight shoppers at the checkout counter and beyond. Whether you’re using a laptop, a PC, or a tablet, RetailWeb lets you stay on top of your sales and customers.
  • Manage a wide range of transactions with ease, including sales, offers,refunds and more.

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