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System for Supermarket

Retail Software Created for your Business

Businesses today need an extra advantage to overcome the tough market trends, competitive landscape, and changes in customer demands and preferences. A powerful system for the supermarkets is what sorts all these purposes and offers supermarket business owners an upper hand to maximize operational efficiency and maximize profits.

Supermarket software is an advanced system that helps align the day-to-day operations of a supermarket from a single point. The modern software comes with multiple features that include Point of Sales (POS), cash register control, invoice management, Customer management, and much more; these systems are tailor-made to cater to the need of Supermarkets, Mini Markets, and Grocery shops, Hyper Mart, and more.

Simple and Easy System for Supermarket

Unlike the yesteryears, the system for the supermarkets has become very advanced. They are easy to integrate and use and hold great scope for customization.

RetailPlan - Retail Software

This supermarket software takes business functioning to another level as every employee can use this super user-friendly system and play their role in the operation management cycle of the store.

The core aim of a feature-rich and intuitive supermarket software is to simplify the routine of a store and offer better and full control of functions to the administrators. It covers all aspects of a store right from point of sales to stock management and customer management.

Key Features of Supermarket software

The latest system for supermarkets extends a plethora of features to the users making it very easy and effective for them to run a supermarket or store. Some of the prominent features of advanced supermarket software include:

Point of sales

Speed up your checkout service and make it efficient for customers with Point of sales support of supermarket software. One point is control of all cashflows of the business including expenses and income.

Inventory Management

Keep a track of moving items in your inventory, get alerts when stocks are low, order items and replenish the inventory in simple steps.

  • Discounts & Offers

Run discounts and offers in the store and change slabs with an easy-to-use system. Track discounts and offers applicable and easily calculate them at the time of billing.

  • Returns, and Refunds

Supermarket software makes it easy to track returns and refunds as the data is stored in the cloud allowing you easy access to the sales record. Offer customers ease in the returns and refunds process.

  • Manage Multiple Outlets

From sales to inventory and employees, track the operations and management of multiple stores from one single point of system for supermarket. You can generate reports for a particular outlet and maximize profits.

  • Cloud Backend

The system for supermarkets allows storing all the data safely in the cloud. This enables quick and data-based decision-making in real-time and saves company resources. You can access the data from the dashboard and use it for making reports. 

  • Loyalty Management

Easy access to the customer data and management system. You can track the visits of your customers, their sale history and loyalty program, discounts, and more.

  • Reporting and Analytics and more

Generate sales reports, track fast-moving items, and store turnover and profits with the reporting and analytics feature. You can use the templates of reports from the supermarket software or create custom templates as per your outlet’s needs. The schedule reporting makes store analysis very easy and offers you ease of operations and efficient decision, making capabilities.

Retail Management Solution

All-in-one solution for supermarkets

When you trust a supermarket system, you get the assurance that it will make your overall operations smooth and bring efficiency to the business. With the multiple features mentioned above, a supermarket system offers a one-point coverage to all the requirements of effective store management. It costs short the repetitive work, brings accuracy to the operations and the reporting feature offers great insights into the business success and profits.

A comprehensive solution for cloud-based POS and billing

To become a future-ready supermarket business, every supermarket must use a cloud-based system for supermarkets. It offers easy access to store data making real-time decision-making easier. Besides, it keeps the data of the store safe and protected and also available on any device with a valid user name and login details.

Single or multiple supermarkets, LevelFive RetailPlan Solutions is ideal for you

LevelFive RetailPlan Solutions is the most impressive supermarket system to trust. Tailormade to cater to the requirements of small to large-scale supermarkets, mini markets, hypermarts, and more, this software for the supermarkets is all-inclusive when it comes to features and ease of use.

You can better control your store’s operations, maximize efficiency and generate maximum profits with the software. Designed and developed by the experts, the LevelFive RetailPlan solutions makes it easy to manage the supply chain, and inventory and has retail analytics handy for effective management and decision making.

Offering the highest quality, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness, LevelFive RetailPlan is the best system for supermarkets available in Singapore, India and around the world.

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